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Carbon Doctor Engine Carbon Clean Trademark

It is important that you change the oil on your car every year or every 10,000 miles right? Yes of course it is or your motor will simply start to grind itself to bits on the inside due to bad and gritty oil, I mean we have never seen a car with dirty oil perform correctly of efficiently now have we, Its also the cars that end up being sold of cheaply, just to get rid of them because they just have not been loved and have more problems than anyone wants to take on and fix,


Well we at Carbon Doctor think the same way; we believe you should get your car’s Carbon removed every 10,000 miles or every year, just before you get your oil change,


Why just before your get your oil changed? Its because when we do a carbon clean, some of the dirty carbon deposits can end up in your old oil, they may be only microscopic in size, but they still end up in your oil and that’s not a recommendation, So we always advise you to get an oil change as soon as possible after you have had your engine’s Carbon removed.

      How it Works


The Engine Carbon Clean system works by using deionised water to create hydrogen and oxygen which pass through the air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust system as a gas, helping to remove the excess carbon that leads to poor running issues.

It’s a simple and safe process and requires no dismantling of engine parts or the use of harmful chemical products. We recommended using the Engine Carbon Clean service as part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule.

      The Benefits



From two wheels to 4x4s and from family saloons to performance cars, Engine Carbon Clean is suitable for any petrol, diesel or LPG engine across all makes and models.

Our innovative mobile service helps target the removal of harmful carbon build-up from the engine for the ultimate detox. The benefits are immediate, noticeable and long lasting:

  • More Responsive

  • Lower Emissions

  • Potential Fuel Savings

  • Smoother Performance

  • Restored Power

  • Enhanced Driving Experience

  • Less Vibrations

  • Restored Torque

      The Costs £
MotorcyclesUp to 125cc litres £45


Cars/Vans Up to 1.6 litres £59

Cars/Vans up to 2.2 Ltr £69

Cars/Vans 2.2 and above £79

HGV, Trucks, Plant, Marine & GeneratorsUp to 12 litres £99

Marine, Generators, Rail & LocomotivesBetween 12 and 30 litres £149


Light AircraftUp to 30 litresPrice on £199

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