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Carbon Doctor Ltd

Terms of Business


Innovative carbon clean solution reduces emissions, improves performance and enhances driveability

in just 30 minutes...


Effects are immediate


Revitalises inlet system,

cylinder head and exhaust manifold


Smoother, more powerful delivery of performance


Lower emissions and quieter engine


No chemicals used


Approx. 30 mins for each clean


Less maintenance required


CE marked product


Terms of Business for vehicle carbon clean services.


Our contract with you

I have read and understood Carbon Doctor Terms of Business as expressed in this contract and agree to my vehicle, registration number below to have its engine cleaned using the engine carbon clean service.





  1. Customer Name

  2. Vehicle Registration Number

  3. Customer Address

  4. Vehicle Mileage

  5. Appointment Date

  6. Customer Telephone

  7. Customer Email

  8. Signed by Vehicle

  9. Owner (or representative)

  10. Date



1. When using the motor carbon clean service, you are dealing

with Carbon Doctor Ltd


In these terms references to “we”

or “our” means Carbon Doctor.

By asking Carbon Doctor to carry out an motor carbon clean on your

vehicle you agree that our work shall be governed by the following

terms and conditions. Our contract with you is formed at the time

of you making your appointment with us Online, Over the phone or in Person.

Most but not all of the

terms set out below are reproduced on the sales document that

you (or your representative) can be asked to sign when we attend your vehicle.

By handing over your Vehicle and Key to Our Technician you are agree to

all of our Terms of Business.


2. In the course of the motor carbon clean process,

a controlled volume of hydrogen is introduced into the engine through your

vehicles air intake, your vehicle may suffer an engine fault

through no fault of our technician or motor carbon clean service.

You acknowledge that risk. If that happens, we will ask if you would

like us to restart your vehicles engine. If your vehicle will not

restart you will be liable for any costs incurred in having the

vehicle recovered and repaired subject to clause

6 & 8 below

3. Please be aware that having your motor cleaned using the

carbon clean process, may result in your vehicles

manufacturer’s warranty being invalidated. You acknowledge

that risk. If you have any questions regarding your manufacturer’s

warranty please contact your

manufacturer. Carbon Doctor holds certificates of no harm from a number motor

manufacturers for information please call 0800 093 6112 or write

to Customer Services c/o Carbon Doctor at the address

shown at the bottom of this page or

email us using the following

link info@Carbon.Doctor




4. Payments up front and in part.

You agree to be responsible for the full cost of our motor carbon clean work on your vehicle.

In making arrangements to deliver our service to you, we incur

business costs. You agree that we can immediately charge (i) for

or in respect of these arrangements or costs and/or (ii) an up front

part payment in respect of our service.


5. The improvement to emissions and/or additional motor power

and/or fuel economy and/or future engine component reliability

that you can expect to enjoy once your vehicle has been cleaned

using the engine carbon clean service depends upon each

individual motor the motors mileage and hours used,

the fuel and lubricants used and the style of

driving that the engine has experienced prior to the engine carbon

clean taking place,

Carbon Doctor can make no guarantee with regards to these benefits or the amounts of carbon

that can be safely removed in the 30 min procedure.


6. A diagram matic record of visible damage existing on your

vehicle will be made by our technician before starting work on

your vehicle. We exclude all liability for repair of damage, whether

visible or not, existing before we began to work on your vehicle.


7. We will perform our service to the best of our ability at a time

and location to be agreed between us. We reserve the right to

change our appointment time with you for any reason. We will

notify you in advance of any change to the agreed appointment

time. If you have a complaint about our service, please call


0800 093 6112 or write to Customer Services Carbon Doctor at the address shown

in clause 16 (a)

or email us using the

following link info@Carbon Doctor. If we damage your vehicle, we

can arrange its repair at no cost to you. If without our prior

written approval you organise a repair yourself, we do not

guarantee to pay the costs you incur.


8. Key limitations to our work: 10


9. You acknowledge that the cost to us of cleaning your vehicle’s

motor in the event that we damage it is likely to exceed the

amount we are paid for our service. You agree that our total

liability to you both for any service failure or vehicle damage is

limited to: the total cost of repairing any damage we cause to

your vehicle; plus for any period where your own car will be

unavailable to you, the cost to us of providing you

with, or paying for, alternative means of transport or a

replacement vehicle is exempt. Except as

stated above, you agree that unless we have written to you to

confirm otherwise before we begin work,

you and Carbon Doctor do not intend that Carbon Doctor reimburse or compensate

you for loss of income, loss of use of your vehicle,

costs or expenses incurred from loss of use of your vehicle,

cost of any rental cars or Taxi Services,

loss of business or profits or pure economic loss or

indirect or consequential loss suffered by you as a result of our

work. Nothing shall limit our liability for fraud or death or personal

injury caused by our negligence. Your statutory rights are not


You will be provided with Our Full Insurance Details for

such claims that we have caused damage to your car/engine/motor and your willing

to have your car/engine/motor fully inspected and a 3rd part independent

report is produced to resolve any such claims.


10. Where payment for our work on your vehicle will be made

using a trade or company account, our trade/company terms will

apply to our work in priority to the terms written above.


11. You agree that our privacy policy and policy on cookies as it or

they appear from time to time on our website shall govern the

handling of your personal information that we receive from you


If you wish to limit our right

to use your personal information,

please write to Data Protection c/o Carbon Doctor at

the address shown below.


12. At Carbon Doctor, we are committed to reducing

fraud made using credit cards. We reserve our right not to accept

payment from you by debit or credit card where we suspect that

by doing so a fraud may be perpetrated against us or the registered card holder.


13. Our terms of business and any dispute or claim arising out of

or in connection with them or their subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or claims of any kind arising directly or indirectly) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.


14. The courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction over any

claim arising from, or related to, our goods and services although

we retain the right to bring proceedings against you for breach of

these conditions in your country of residence or any other

relevant country. Consumer rights information.


15. Any booking that you make with us by phone or online will be

subject to The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and

Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/3134) (as amended

from time-to-time). We are pleased to provide you with the

following information in accordance with those regulations:


Carbon Doctor Ltd

310 Wellingborough Road



0800 093 6112

You can contact us using the following link:



When we accept your booking we will provide you with a quote for our work.

in doing so we make assumptions as to the extent of cleaning your engine will require. If those assumptions prove to be incorrect, our costs of service and

therefore our price will change to take account of our additional work. For example, we may have to extend the time of the motor

carbon clean service. We reserve our right to adjust our price and,

we charge you according to the goods and services

we supply to you in the course of providing our service to you.


We make no additional charge for delivery of the equipment

that we will use in the course of providing our service. We accept

payment over the telephone using most major debit or credit

cards other than Diner’s Club and American Express. We do not

accept personal cheques. We accept payments made through PayPal

Bank Transfer, Credit & Debit Card via Chip & Pin and in cash.


We will provide our service to you by appointment at a location

agreed between us.


Our contract with you is for the supply of vehicle motor car

bon clean services. Normally, under the Regulations, if you are a

consumer, you will have a right to cancel our contract for 14

working days counting from the day after our contract with you

was formed. When we are given the keys to your vehicle, we shall

understand that to be your express consent to begin our work on

your vehicle. Usually, that means we will have begun our work

before the end of the usual cancellation period. Your cancellation

rights under the Regulations will end when that work starts.

You may cancel your appointment and receive a full refund of any

monies that you have paid to us at any time before we commence

work on your vehicle. To cancel our service, please call us, contact

us via our website or tell our technician before he starts work on

your vehicle. We do not require you to complete any special form

to cancel your appointment. We recommend that the easiest way

to cancel your appointment

is to call us on 0800 093 6112


Please note that you may not cancel your appointment after we

have commenced our work on your vehicle and we reserve all

rights to recover payment for our service in circumstances where

you attempt to cancel your appointment or require us to cease

work on your vehicle after our work has commenced.


The validity of any price we offer you for our services is limited

to the duration of the call during which the offer was made.

Accordingly, we may refuse to honour a price offered to you

where you do not agree to purchase the relevant service during

the continuation of the call in which the offer was first communicated to you.

Where we have taken any payment from you in the course of you making an appointment with us, we shall hold that payment to your order until the moment we begin our work on your vehicle. With effect from commencement of our work on your vehicle, we reserve our right to retain for our account any payment you have made to us.

All of the Above Terms and conditions apply to the following:

In Respects to DPF Cleaning, We are only contracted to Wash & Flush to the best of our ability your filter only,

We do carry OBD diagnostics for our insight into your DPF's Health only,

We are under no obligation to inform you of any said information that we find unless you ask for it

via a pre paid diagnostics check up booking,

We may at our discresshion inform you of any said findings on the day at the appointment only.

We can only Wash & Flush a DPF on a running Healthy Engine, 

If the Engine is not able to run, Then we reserve the right to collect 50% of the agreed booking of the job costs,

for Travel, Time and equipment transportation to the said location of intended service. 


We reserve the right to stop the wash and flush clean at any point

during the service if we find anything that can cause your DPF or Engine

any harm or damage during the clean or in the future use of the DPF or Engine.

Not all DPF's can be Washed and Flushed

We do not expect to clean the DPF to 100% but will get out as much as possible at the service. 

Forced Regenerations are not a service that we carry out, But if the client requests that we do,

Then any damage or fire caused by the forced regeneration will not be accepted by Carbon Doctor Ltd

But by souly by the Registered Keeper or Owner of the said vehicle.

. The only language offered by us for any contract is English.

We have the right to update our Terms of Business at any point.

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